How you can Build a Log Cabin in a weekend

By using one of our easy to assemble log cabin kits, it’s possible to build a log cabin in a single weekend. If you are going to use a concrete base you should do that the weekend before.  Painting or treating the wood should happen the weekend after. Here’s our guide on how to do it.

Note: We have a very comprehensive guide on how to build a log cabin.

Resources required

It’s best to have a friend help you to build your cabin.  That extra pair of hands really helps with the doors and windows, and that friend really comes in handy when your reflect on your hard work with a cup of tea.

Recommended tools

You don’t need many tools to assemble your cabin, but we recommend these

  • Electric screwdriver ( 2 ideally, one for your friend )
  • Hammer and an off cut of timber – for taping timbers into place.
  • Saw – for trimming the last floorboard
  • Utility knife – for cutting trim

The base

You need a solid base to build your log cabin on.  We recommend a timber frame of treated wood.  If you have the space, time and skills to make a concrete base then please do so.  You can lay the timber frame directly onto grass or gravel.  Either way, the timber frame must be perfectly level.  If not the cabin will sink and twist over time.

OK, let’s get started with your plan.

Saturday Morning

Unpack the log cabin kit and sort all of the pieces into the necessary groups.  If the cabin kit has delivered at the front of the house, and you want to build it in the back garden then move all of the parts into the back garden, keeping everything grouped together.

Saturday Afternoon

Start to build up the walls, section by section. Be mindful of where the windows and door will go. Leave the appropriate gap. Be sure to actually drop in the windows and doors before you fit the timbers above them.  

Complete the layering of the timbers until the walls are complete.

This is a good place to leave the log cabin for the night.  This is also a good time to enjoy a beer or glass of wine.  But not too many though, there is a log cabin to finish tomorrow.

Sunday Morning

On top of the complete wall place the roof timbers.  Onto these you attach the roofing boards.  Now that the roof is on the cabin is watertight.

Sunday Afternoon

With a watertight cabin you can now fit the floorboards.  Starting at one end of the cabin fit the first floorboard.  Lay each additional board working your way to the other end of the cabin.  You will need to trim the last board with a saw.

Here at South West Log Cabins we sell an huge range of cabins.  Get in touch to see how we can supply the perfect log cabin for you and your family.  

Note: We have a very comprehensive guide on how to build a log cabin.

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