Log Cabin Kits

It’s easy, cheap and quick to add a new building to your property or home today with the use of a log cabin kit.  These fantastic kits include everything you need to assemble a great looking and functional log cabin in only a weekend.

Here are South West Log Cabins we supply a massive range of high quality kits that have been individual designed and tested to ensure they are easy to build and will last a lifetime.  We simply do not sell cabins made from inferior materials or from parts that are not suitable.  All of our cabins have walls that are at least 44mm.  This is because anything smaller is not good enough, and will bend over time.  Beware of other sellers selling cheap chains with 20mm or thinner walls.  They will not last.

Windows and Doors

Almost all of our log cabins have double glazed windows and doors.  We feel this is essential for a beautiful all year round cabin.  The windows and doors are made from beautiful wood, which you can paint if you so desire.  The mechanisms are of the highest quality giving lifelong service and high security.  


All of our cabins are easy to assemble.  Everything you need is supplied.  All timbers are pre-cut at our high quality mills using the latest CNC technologies.  A typical log cabin can be constructed in only a single weekend by two people.  You only need tools that any DIY enthusiast is likely to have:  electric screwdriver, hammer, and a utility knife for cutting some trim.  It’s really useful to have a friend help you.  Especially once you’ve finished as you can share a beer and admire your handy work.

See our construction guide for a step-by-step process.

Uses for your log cabin

You can use our log cabins for a huge range of purposes.  Some of the most popular are a summerhouse, home office, gym, playroom for the kids, pool room, extra bedrooms, complete houses, and a garage or workshop.

You can very easily re-purpose a cabin as time goes by.  As the kids grow up and move out you may find yourself using the room as a summerhouse in which to enjoy your wine and books.

Planning permission

May of our log chains can be built without planning permission.  In fact we have a complete range that do not require planning permission at all.  This is because their height is below 2.5 metres, and current laws mean you can build this anywhere in your property straightaway.

If you require a higher building you can normally build this without planning permission as long as it is more than 2 metres from your boundary.

If in doubt get in touch with us and we can advise you on planning permission, type of cabin, and any of the options we provide.

With the correct care your log cabin can last a lifetime.

Posted by South West Log Cabins