Residential log cabins

As we become ever more conscious of the worlds fragile climate and changing work/life ethic Log Cabins South West have created a range of buildings that utilise the natural benefits of timber. Our unique range has been specially designed with the ever-increasing growth in Holiday Home ownership and people working from home offices in mind, using wood, which is the natural choice when creating a Cabin that is visually appealing, durable, cosy, hard wearing and built to last in our climate.

Only available from Log Cabins South West all of the Cabins in this range have already passed Structural Type Approval and come with a certificate as standard. If required we can then assist you to get through your regions building regulations. Whilst our cabins are designed to pass building regs for brand new dwellings we can also supply them to be classed as a mobile unit. In some instances, planning permission may not be required, if the building is classed as a mobile unit

Northern European countries have for centuries used wood for its excellent thermal properties, which combined with todays insulation materials ensures that the carbon footprint and energy usage during the buildings lifetime are kept to a minimum. Finished structures have always received excellent SAP tests.

As you look through the following pages you will see plans for cabins that we have recently designed, each of these can be tailored to suit your needs. Our cabins are available from 4m to 7m wide to suit your requirements. Where our cabins have been used on Holiday Parks we can provide several internal layouts to increase the versatility of your park and the comfort of your guests.