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The 5 Most Popular Uses for Log Cabins

Log Cabins are versatile buildings.  As they are cheap and quick to build people often use them to extend their properties, adding extra rooms to increase the size of their homes. As the cabins come

Studio log cabins, St Ives, Cornwall

How you can Build a Log Cabin in a weekend

By using one of our easy to assemble log cabin kits, it’s possible to build a log cabin in a single weekend. If you are going to use a concrete base you should do that the weekend before.

Garden log cabin, Bodmin, Cornwall

Log Cabin Kits

It’s easy, cheap and quick to add a new building to your property or home today with the use of a log cabin kit.  These fantastic kits include everything you need to assemble a great

Mobile unit

Log Cabins

Log cabins are a great way to add new buildings to your home or property. We sell a range of log cabin kits that are low cost, high quality and are easy to build. They