The 5 Most Popular Uses for Log Cabins

Log Cabins are versatile buildings.  As they are cheap and quick to build people often use them to extend their properties, adding extra rooms to increase the size of their homes.

As the cabins come in lots of shapes and sizes people use them for a lot of different uses.  Here are the 5 most popular uses for log cabins, based on our customers feedback.

1.  Summerhouse

By far the most popular use for a log cabin is too add a beautiful summerhouse to the garden.  A light and airy cabin makes the perfect garden retreat in which to read a book, tend some plants, relax with a cup of tea, or even watch the rain run down the windows. 

Your summerhouse is also a great place to keep bikes, gardening tools, garden furniture , the BBQ and anything else you might enjoy in the garden.

In you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your garden your summerhouse can even double as a pool house – somewhere to keep the pool toys and swimming kit.

2.  Home office

If your work from home, or run your own business, a log cabin the perfect way of adding a separate building to your property.  Our customers say that having their office on their property, but as a separate building means they feel like they are at work‚ but with the convenience of being so close to home.  You can building a complete home office log cabin for as little as £3,000.  That is much cheaper than building or renting an office in any other way.

Almost all of our cabins have double glazed windows and doors.  A twin skin cabin is perfect for year round use, and the cavity is especially designed for insulation.  Heating can easily be added at little cost.

3.  Kids playroom

As the kids get older they need more room.  And more importantly you might want them out of the house!  A playroom log cabin is a great way of giving the kids their own place to call home, entertain their friends, play their games, store their bikes and more.  As they get older, or greater in numbers, you might even convert the playroom into a extra bedroom.  And when they grown up and moved away you get to turn this multi-purpose room in a great guesthouse for visitors.

4.  Garage or Workshop

Building a garage from concrete or brick takes time, money, normally requires planning permission, and you’ll forever be trying to shake the dampness inside the building.  A log cabin garage or workshop can be built in a weekend, is easy to adapt, is warm and dry and smells great.

Many of our log cabins can be built without the need for planning permission.

5.  Gym

If you long that home gym, but don’t have the space indoors a log cabin can be perfect.  Without double glazed windows and doors you can control the temperature year round.  If you’ve got heavy or large gym equipment it’s much easy to install in the garden log cabin than to take upstairs to a bedroom.

Other great things you should know about log cabins

You typically don’t need planning permission for a log cabin.  Any log cabin with a total height of less than 2.5 metres can be built anywhere in your garden, without planning permission, and without consent from anyone else including your neighbours.  You can buy the cabin and build it straight away.

Two people with some DIY experience, and some typical tools can build a log cabin in a weekend.  The cabin comes with all of the pieces cut at a modern CNC mill.  The high quality windows and doors are ready to slot into place.

With the correct car your log cabin can last a lifetime.

If you are interested in any of our log cabins, or have any questions at all please get in touch.

Posted by South West Log Cabins