Garden log cabin, Bodmin, Cornwall

Log Cabin Kits

It’s easy, cheap and quick to add a new building to your property or home today with the use of a log cabin kit.  These fantastic kits include everything you need to assemble a great


Bespoke, insulated cabin. Helston, Cornwall.

4.75m x 2.95m cabin. 44mm wall logs. Insualted all round. Clad on three sides with pressure treated 19mm external cladding. Front wall clad internally with 19mm untreated cladding.


Bespoke 44mm cabin, Callington, Cornwall

3.3m x 4.4m bespoke cabin, 44m wall logs. Factory painted windows and doors. Roof covering supplied by the customer.


Mobile Unit, Launceston, Cornwall.

18.2m x 6.1m residential mobile unit.


Externally clad 45mm log cabin.

This cabin was one of our old demonstrators. We sold it, dismantled it and rebuilt it for a customer in Cornwall. We insulated and then externally clad the cabin with pressure treated timber.

Mobile unit

Log Cabins

Log cabins are a great way to add new buildings to your home or property. We sell a range of log cabin kits that are low cost, high quality and are easy to build. They

Holy Hague Loughton Essex 7.JPG

Bespoke cabin, Essex, factory painted

Thats right. This cabin was factory painted. We can do any colour you want.


Bespoke twin skin log cabin. Bodmin. Cornwall.

34mm + 34mm twin skin cabin. Fully insulated.

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