Log Cabins

Log cabins are a great way to add new buildings to your home or property. We sell a range of log cabin kits that are low cost, high quality and are easy to build. They are the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to add a summerhouse, playroom, studio, office, workshop to your property.

How to Build a Log Cabin

All of our log cabins come in kit form. The kit contains everything you need to build the cabin. Building the cabin is straightforward and can be built by two people in only a single weekend. The only tools you’ll require are screwdrivers, hammers and a utility knife to cut some trim. Everything else is pre-cut and ready to go.

Read our comprehensive guide on how to build a log cabin.

Our Log Cabin Features

All of our log cabins are created at high quality mills selected by us personally. The mills use the latest CNC cutting technologies to ensure every timber of the cabin is true and perfect, making the assemble process easy and straightforward. You don’t need to cut any of the timbers yourself.

Almost all of our cabins include double glazed doors and windows as standard. These beautiful wooden doors and windows are high quality and very secure.

Types of Log Cabin Building

You can use a log cabin for wherever you want, but these are some of the post popular uses

  • Summerhouse – somewhere to sit in the shade, read a book, or to store garden furniture and tools.
  • Home office – a warm and secure building at home, but separate. Perfect for the convenience of home, and yet outside of the house. This surely the cheapest way of having your own office building. And the quickest too!
  • Pool house – how about a gorgeous building situated around the swimming pool, somewhere to store the pump and all of the tools and toys.
  • Garage or workshop – have a beautiful and warm building in which to potter, work and store your prized motorbike, tools and project. Wooden buildings are easy to adapt are much nicer than concrete.
  • Playroom – as the kids are growing up having a separate playroom will make them, and you, very happy. Perfect for summer days when the kids can go from outdoors to indoors so easily.
  • Guest room – adding a new bedroom to a house is costly, time consuming and messy. A log cabin guest room can be added in a weekend and your guests will love it.
  • Gym – if you want your own home gym then a log cabin in the garden is a great place for it.
    What to do Now

Take a look at the cabins on our website. If you have any questions then get in touch and we’ll help you find the perfect cabin for you and your family.

With the correct care a log cabin will last a lifetime.

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