Log cabins are beautiful inside

Our Log cabins are beautiful buildings inside and out.  The natural feel of the wood inside a log cabin means that you don’t have to do anything to it to instantly enjoy the warm feeling and beautiful smells.

The cabins we sell can be used for a vast array of uses.  Here are some of the most popular uses

  • Garden buildings – to allow you to enjoy your garden more buy having somewhere to sit in the shade and read your book, or even somewhere to store your garden furniture.
  • Sheds – our cabins are infinitely better than the cheap flimsy sheds you will mind at DIY stores and garden centres. Our small cabins make fantastic sheds, with double glazed windows and even twin skin walls, allow you to insulate.
  • Offices – using a medium sized log cabin you can add a fantastic log cabin office in your garden.
  • Gym – want your own gym at home?  No problem, our log cabins will keep your equipment warm and dry.

No matter what you intend to use your log cabin for we can help you select and construct the perfect cabin for you and your family.