Planning Permission Free

Our low height cabins are all less than 2.5 meters in height, meaning you may be able to construct one in your garden without planning permission.

If you are going to build the cabin closer than 2 meters to your boundry you typically do not need planning permission if the building is less than 2.5m high.

Our log cabin planning permission guide will help you determine if you want build one of these cabins without the need to gain permission.

Contact us now on 01208 850376 to discuss whether you can build one of these great cabins without planning permission.

Our DF range (design functionality) is a great range of small and medium sized cabins. The smaller cabins are perfect for sheds and storage units. The bigger cabins make great pool houses.
Our TF range (total functionality) are lovely cabins, small to medium in size, and featuring many more windows that most log cabins. This makes them great garden buildings for a small office, summerhouse, kids play room or studio.
The Flat Roof Range is a great collection of log cabins featuring a porch around at least one wall of the cabin, some cabins have the porch around two walls. These cabins also have flat roofs giving them a great modern look and shape. These cabins have lots of big opening windows, allowing lots of natural light inside.
The CAB Range is a versatile collection of log cabins. From a small storage shed, to a spacious garden cabin with lovely family BBQ area, there is a cabin here for every family.

Popular Planning Permission Free Log Cabins

4.75m x 2.95m Log Cabin with
From only £4,140
3.55m x 2.35m Log Cabin with
From only £3,935
5.0m x 5.0m Brand new
From only £6,706
3.0m x 3.0m Log Cabin with
From only £4,071
6.0m x 5.0m Brand new
From only £8,395
5.0m x 4.0m Log Cabin with
From only £5,576

Cabin finder

Our Cabin Finder helps you find the right log cabin for your property.
Just enter your budget, and the width and depth of the cabin you require.

You can search on the Cabin Code if you know it.