Other Garden Cabins

We have carefully selected a beautiful range of log cabins for your garden.  Whether you want a simple cabin to store garden furniture, a new room for the kids to play in, somewhere to store your gym or office equipment, or a warm and dry place to store your snooker table, we have a garden log cabin that is perfect for you.

These cabins are of the high quality and are easy to assemble.  With the right care all of these log cabins can last a lifetime.

Beautiful small cabins that will bring your garden to life. Perfect for enjoying those summer days, with drink in hand, book in the lap, and the kids at school.
Small garden cabins that are perfect for storing garden furniture, bikes and tools. All of these cabins are double glazed, making them some of the best sheds money can buy.
Medium sized garden cabins that are perfect as playrooms, summerhouses, offices, for housing gym equipment or even as an office. Windows are doors are double glazed as standard.
Larger log cabins that make great offices, playrooms, somewhere to house a snooker table, or even as a summertime bedroom for the kids or for guests. Double glazed windows and doors as standard.
Contemporary styled cabins with sharp lines for those with modern properties or tastes. These very well made cabins are great for storage, workshops and many other uses.
Lovely, light cabins with lots of windows and massive of space. The Grand Range cabins are perfect for adding new rooms to your property for your family. These cabins are excellent value for money.

Cabin finder

Our Cabin Finder helps you find the right log cabin for your property.
Just enter your budget, and the width and depth of the cabin you require.

You can search on the Cabin Code if you know it.